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Whose Are You?
Most of us spend a great deal of our energy and priceless time in an ongoing attempt to validate our identity. Much of the pain, frustration and stress we experience can be avoided by simply remembering whose we are – the chosen children of the King and an indispensable part of God’s heart. That’s right! You are indispensable to no one but God. No one can take your place in your Father’s heart. The knowledge that you are chosen frees you to serve God whole-heartedly and boldly without bowing to the unrealistic expectations imposed by others and by your own fragile heart. The knowledge that you are very special to God allows you to embrace the gifts He has given you and encourages you to strain every choice, every decision through the filter of God’s perfect plan for your life. ...
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Celebration Service

Date: Jan 27,2013
Location: Salvation Center, Austin
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Interactive Small Group Bible Study

Date: Jan 23,2013
Location: Salvation Center, Austin
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